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HR Philosophy

Cultural values we commit to our employees : You should work at Quadratyx because this medley of technical excellence with family like relationships is so hard to find in today's world. Because no matter whether you are an office boy or a Vice President, you are treated with trust, respect and empathy here. Because you will be surrounded by people who know so much more than you, but who still listen to you with attention and affection.

Because absolutely no constraints are imposed on how high you can aim here, whatever be your age, gender, education, grades or communication skills. Because the air here is filled with warmth, with mentoring, inspiration and the pursuit of excellence. Because we push boundaries every single day.

Because we are rapidly growing globally while being firmly rooted in traditional values. Because we believe in being employee-owned. Because we genuinely care for people, society and the planet. Because a small band of hard-working, well-intentioned, fearless people can indeed transform the world.

Failures are respected

We believe it is natural to fail. We see failures as potential stepping stones to success. It is not important how many times one has fallen, it is important that one stands up with even firmer resolve every time one falls. In every walk of life (sports, music or television), failures have been stepping stones to success. Beatles, the English rock band, were initially rejected by studios and were said to have no future in show business. Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, was dropped from his high school basketball team. Thus, when an employee fails - in work-related matters or even in personal issues, there is empathy, compassionate counseling that is available. One of our Director offices is named "Confidence Interval" – it is the place staff members freely go to when their confidence ebbs, so that they can get recharged.

Hand-holding support is available in most matters – whether it is a dip in enthusiasm, matters of comparison, mental health issues, etc. Individual limitations of employees, for example family factors or physical limitations, are considered compassionately before passing judgements or decisions on them. Failure is never considered permanent. Our motto and guiding principle is "excellence everywhere". Excellence is in every person, excellence is possible in every task. Quadratyx just needs to find the right ways of bringing out this excellence.

An environment that breeds independent thought and expression

Quadratyx, from the time we started with four employees until now, operates like a family. Individual employees are referred to by first name by everybody. All CXOs know all employees by name. Office space is custom-designed (by an employee committee) as an open area where, irrespective of experience level, employees are not divided from each other. There are many relaxation areas, lots of whiteboard space to jot ideas on, lots of empty areas to have quick standup or sit-down meetings, or even to dance. The environment is positive, non-critical, inclusive and supportive of all types of people. Our environment encourages exploration; our walls are filled with art work by our employees. Our environment breeds independent thought and expression, combined with mutual respect.

Employees’ professional development and career growth

Quadratyx encourages employees of all levels to learn more. Different types of professional certifications and training programs are encouraged. Internal training programs equip staff in newer technologies, processes and tools, as well as in customer domains and customer work areas. We encourage our staff to study part-time for advanced degrees like MTech, MS and PhD. Staff members from office boy to Vice Presidents are currently pursuing their next degrees.

In terms of career growth, we do not just depend on number of years of experience as a factor for promoting. We recognize fully that the global tech industry today is characterized by younger people leading experienced teams. We have people with just 1-2 Years of experience taking primary responsibility to deliver large global projects, ably assisted by people with 10-20 years of experience.