S.No Type of Session Big Data: E-Modules
Course Admin Introduction to the Big Data course
01 Lecture Big Data Is All Around You!
02 Lecture Data Center is the new Computer
03 Lecture Introduction to Hadoop
Lab Cloudera VM Installation Walkthrough
04 Lecture Storing Big Bytes - HDFS
Optional Pre-Requisite Linux Commands Primer
Lab HDFS demo
05 Lecture Ingesting Data
Lab Ingesting Data
Optional Pre-Requisite Basics of RDBMS and SQL
06 Lecture NoSQL
Lab HBase demo
Optional Pre-Requisite It is critical to have efficient algorithms
07 Lecture Concurrent Algorithms and Measuring their Efficiency
Lab Sample Task Decomposition
08 Lecture Spilt & Merge 1: Classic Map Reduce
Lab Design Classic Map Reduce Solutions
09 Lecture Split & Merge 2: YARN and MRv2
10 Lecture Split & Merge 3: BSP, Hama, Apache Spark
Lab Comparison of code between MR, Hama and Spark for same program
11 Lecture Querying Big Data: Hive
Lab Walk through Hive programs
Lab Hadoop-as-a-service platform demo
12 Lecture Processing Big Data: PIG
Lab Walk through PIG scripts
13 Lecture Other ecosystem components - 1
Lab Oozie, Mahout demos
*Assessments are available for each lecture
S.No Type of Session Predictive Analytics: E-Modules
Course Admin Introduction to the Predictive Analytics course
01 Lecture An Introduction to Data Science
Lab Say Hello to R & Knime
02 Lecture Meet data
03 Lecture Get a "feel" for the data.
Lab Meet data + Get a feel for the data
Lab Data Visualization
04 Lecture Preparing Data for Model Building
Lab Preparing Data for Model Building
05 Lecture Feature selection and generation
Lab Feature selection and generation
06 Lecture Foundations of Model Building
07 Lecture Model Evaluation
08 Lecture Clustering
Lab Clustering
09 Lecture Classification
Lab Classification
10 Lecture Associations
Lab Associations
11 Lecture Ensembles
Lab Ensembles
12 Lecture Regression
Lab Regression
13 Lecture Time Series
Lab Time Series
*Assessments are available for each lecture