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  • Sales reports from all over the world arrive as Excel files with substantial variability, from substantially different sales entities. Aggregating these reports and creating a unified view was a tedious and time taking job.

  • Quadratyx created a platform to rapidly unify tens of thousands of such files without much domain help, and build attractive, interactive, aggregation dashboards on the unified data for various levels of decision makers with proper authentication & authorization functionalities. We used Pentaho ETL tool for integration and transformation of the data. We used Tableau to create four business dashboards. The dashboards displayed the sales data & facilitated at-a-glance understanding of profitability, with views presented by geography, product category, customer segment, year on year and quarter on quarter percentage growth with top customers and top products highlighted. Each dashboard offers deep layers of information, allowing customer to identify specific problems and offers in minutes.



  1. BFSI
  2. MFG
  3. PH&HC
  4. RTL
  5. TMT
  6. EDU
  7. E&U
  8. OTH

Tools & Technologies

  1. Pentaho
  2. Pentaho
  3. tableau
  4. MySQL


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