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  • While the CXO's of the company were generally tech-savvy but they lacked specific knowledge about analytics and Big-Data use cases in the insurance sector, the ROI of this technology, implementation paths and road blocks. They also were not in a position to plough through vendor jargon.

  • We conducted a 2-day intensive workshop to introduce the area of Big Data Analytics to these business users, with detailed discussion of specific use cases, followed by a brainstorming session on the client's pain points, data sets, etc. A hands-on demonstration of visualization techniques and model building on the client data to concretize the understanding of the concept was an integral part of the session. Specific outcome of the 2-day workshop was a fine-granularity listing of potential problems on which the Client can benefit from applying advanced analytics.



  1. BFSI
  2. MFG
  3. PH&HC
  4. RTL
  5. TMT
  6. EDU
  7. E&U
  8. OTH

Tools & Technologies

  1. Proprietary & open source tools demonstrated, as appropriate for that client


South India's largest general insurance company