• tete-a-tete with Dr. Murthy on our foray into the South American market

    I started studying Artificial Intelligence in 1987. I did a bachelors thesis in expert systems, and a master’s thesis on AI from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. My PhD from the Johns Hopkins University focused on inventing a new Decision Tree algorithm for solving a massive image classification problem on the Hubble Telescope. After PhD, I spent the past 23 years in AI and then on Big Data (8 years), while also sharpening my entrepreneurial skills. We built five different successful entities in the areas of AI, Big Data and Machine Learning.

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  • Quadratyx and thought leadership…

    At Quadratyx, we strive hard to remain thought leaders. We encourage our team members to collaborate without borders – a team in Hyderabad may be working with a team in Montreal; team members from Colombia may be collaborating with Frankfurt. Quadratyx has educated Trilateral Commission members in Artificial Intelligence last year in Tokyo and Singapore. Trilateral Commission, established by David Rockefeller, involves high-level policy makers from dozens of countries in North America, European Union and the Asia Pacific.

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  • Of Cattle, Cognitive Systems and Creation - Part 1

    As per popular history, somewhere between 10,000 BC and 4,000 BC, transitioning from the Neolithic Age to the Bronze Age, we humans evolved from nomadic groups of hunter-gatherers into full-fledged agrarian economies. Among other things, we had an insight that animals, which were all around us then, have strengths and skills that can be great assets to getting our own works done. We developed “technologies” to domesticate, tame, train, rear and breed cattle for various purposes.

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