middle management training

Realise the value of big data analytics

"Data Science is about asking the right questions."
Dr. Sreerama Murthy, CEO Quadratyx

  • 1How hard is it to hire the right people?
  • 2Are there any security and privacy implications when one chooses open source vs. proprietary technologies?
  • 3Who should we partner with, for our Big Data solutions, a large vendor or a start-up?
  • 4What is the cost advantage and ROI when we adopt big data technologies and big data analytics?
  • 5How soon can we start reaping benefits from our investments in Big Data Analytics?

Meet your mentor…

  • Dr. Sreerama K. Murthy is one of the Top-10 most prominent Analytics Academicians in India.
  • He has over 20 years of global experience in the field of Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.
  • He is a veteran researcher in the field of Deep Learning.
  • He has designed and architected several Big Data Analytics solutions at firms in the US and in India.
  • He is India’s first to have got his PhD in Machine Learning in 1995 from the Johns Hopkins University.
  • He has several patents issued.