Big Data Analytics for Education

Advanced analytics is redefining how businesses are run today. Innovators are using big data and analytics to differentiate their firms and gain an edge over the competitors by integrating data insights into daily decision making and predicting customer behavior. Analytics as a service helps firms drive revenue, improve operational efficiencies and transform businesses at speed and scale.

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    Analytics and Data Science solutions for Education sector
Analytics and Data Science solutions for Education
  • Improve student result
  • Analyze academic, financial and operational data
  • Tracking students’ performance across cohort - targeted strategies for specific segments of students
  • Train and conduct Data Science and AI workshops for students
  • Specific action or retention programs for certain type of students
  • Analyze the curriculum and instructor development effectively
  • Conducting satisfaction surveys and analyzing survey data
  • Customize programs and reduce drop outs
  • Targeted international recruiting
  • Student recruitment strategies
  • And many more…