Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for All

Advanced analytics is redefining how businesses are run today. Innovators are using big data and analytics to differentiate their firms and gain an edge over the competitors by integrating data insights into daily decision making and predicting customer behavior. Analytics as a service helps firms drive revenue, improve operational efficiencies and transform businesses at speed and scale.

  1. AI and its transformative interventions are no longer limited to likes of global tech giants and blue-chip companies. AI is ultimately going to transform every business, in every industry. Businesses that are small start-ups or MNCs, businesses from various industries that do not appear to be related to AI and ML at all, including but not limited to, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Railways, Aviation, Fashion and related industries, Social development and Public Welfare segments, are all starting to realize the many benefits they can draw out of adopting AI.
  2. The obvious applications lie in improving products and services. AI has also found applications in helping businesses across all sectors optimize and automate processes. This can be as simple as automatically recommending a related product to every customer who bought a particular product, based on the preferences of other customers. Or it can be as complicated as fully automating an entire production line.

Quadratyx offers a spectrum of solutions that range from simple-yet-intensive analytics with existing data collection mechanisms to complex, holistic plant management solutions.

Big Data & AI in Other Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Fashion
  • Government
  • Railways
  • Renewable Energy
  • Social Development
  1. Predictive Analytics for Crop Yield - Machine learning models to track and predict environmental impacts on crop yield.
  2. Detect Image Recognition - To identify defects/diseases/pests in plant, soil, etc.
  3. Recommendation Engine- ML models that provide treatment options for most common diagnosis of soil and yield defects.
  4. Crop Analysis - Drone monitoring and image analysis for detecting crop yield, pest invasion, diseases and weeds.
Fashion & Accessories
  1. Enhance product development processes – by augmenting designer skills.
  2. Enhancing demand forecasting accuracy - based on real-time sales, weather and other factors.
  3. Product pricing plan - depending on external elements like discounts, stock, and contenders' out-of-stock circumstances.
  4. Context-based recommendation engine - improve cross-sell and reduce customer churn by showcasing most relevant and personalized assortment dynamically.
  1. Cognitive computing - to better understand citizen needs and build smarter cities.
  2. Automate repetitive tasks – no matter how complex – save money and time.
  3. Support national defense - predictive maintenance to ensure mission readiness.
  4. Link local authorities - collaborate with other organizations with data.
  1. Track Defect Detection - through image analysis
  2. Data Management and simple to complex analytics
  3. Optimized processes - including booking, asset allotment, resources though automated recommendation systems
  4. Reduced downtime for maintenance of assets - through predictive analytics
Renewable Energy
  1. Real Time Demand-Response Prediction - using game theory algorithms and blockchains to protect data.
  2. Predictive Maintenance - Analytics drive maintenance scheduling and reduced down-times
  3. Optimized distributions systems - through routing models
  4. Improved Customer Experience - through IVR and extreme personalization
Social Development
  1. Evidence-based policy making at the government level.
  2. Scientific breakthroughs - by analyzing vast quantities of healthcare data.
  3. Predictive analytics - for budget allocation and bid optimization to achieve government goals.
  4. Pattern recognition - to promote public safety and reduce crime.

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