Big Data Analytics for Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Advanced analytics is redefining how businesses are run today. Innovators are using big data and analytics to differentiate their firms and gain an edge over the competitors by integrating data insights into daily decision making and predicting customer behavior. Analytics as a service helps firms drive revenue, improve operational efficiencies and transform businesses at speed and scale.

  • Pharmaceutical
    Analytics and Data Science solutions for Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
    Analytics and Data Science solutions for Healthcare
Analytics and Data Science solutions for Pharmaceutical
  • Licensing evaluation
  • Epidemiology studies
  • Resource optimization
  • Market assessments
  • Unmet need analysis
  • Territory alignment
  • Pricing analytics
  • Sampling optimization
  • Competitive landscape assessment
  • Product safety analysis
  • Cost-Benefit analysis
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Clinical trial analytics
  • Incentive compensation segmentation & targeting (GPO/IDN/Distributors/Physician)
  • Market entry analysis
  • Clinical site performance assessment
  • Compliance and persistence studies
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Brand trackers
  • And many more …
Analytics and Data Science solutions for Healthcare
  • Fraud/abuse identification
  • Volume and utilization analysis at provider level
  • Identification of high risk cases
  • Service/product offering customization
  • Market mix modeling and campaign management
  • Drill down trend analysis & reporting
  • Quality / performance review at provider level
  • Assess impact of medical / pharmacy policy on total cost
  • Pricing analysis
  • Cost saving analysis
  • In-network versus out-of-network provider utilization
  • Predictive modeling to identify high cost members/prospects and to price products for individuals
  • Financial forecast and reserve determination
  • And many more …

Business Applications


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