Delivering working software that meets quality benchmarks with respect to customer requirements, design, architecture, coding, testing, release engineering, environment and usability ensures software engineering excellence.

Following are the quality standards we adhere to:

  1. Early detection of flawed design pattern implementation
  2. Optimization of design for right data structure presentation and their performance (like list, set, map, tree)
  3. Concurrency assessment with immutable objects and thread safety
  1. Compliance of code with respect to defined language specific guidelines
  2. Discovery of redundant, un-optimized code in the implementation
  3. Assessment of character encoding, memory allocation, usage of namespace so that runtime classes generated are unique
  1. Standards compliance for code with respect to W3C
  2. Product specific coding standards compliance
  1. Code coverage for the implemented classes or methods
  2. Usage of mock references for the third party and non-available implementations

  1. Simplified information architecture flow with faster access to information
  2. Layout and positioning of widgets and support accessibility for all
  3. Browser compatibility, responsive web design
  1. Identification of potential security threats like SQL injections attacks
  2. Identification of cross site scripting possibilities to avoid phishing
  3. Identification of Buffer overflows in the code to eliminate exploitations by hackers.