Why We Are Unique?

We have a team of eminent data scientists, big data experts, and software engineers providing accurate and reliable predictive analytics solution and services to our clients. By partnering with us, you can get the following advantages.

  • Quality Processes Quality Processes

    We follow comprehensive testing before the solution is deployed in the production environment. There are components of solution which ensure that identified stakeholders are alerted when system reports a confidence level lower than benchmark. These alerts can be sent via email or other real-time notifications.

  • Quick Project Turnaround Quick Project Turnaround

    We understand that most of our clients work on tight deadlines. For this reason, we provide quick, accurate, and reliable services at a short notice.

  • Team of Eminent Lead Scoring Specialists and Data Scientists Team of Eminent Data Scientists and Software Engineers

    Quadratyx team is trained on data science, customization of solutions, assessing quality, and has multi-domain industry experience.

  • Complete Project Security Complete Project Security

    We understand the complexity of handling business critical data. So, we have strict data security policies in place and also sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure uncompromised data security. Strict user management guidelines are followed for a solution on the cloud or on your premises.

  • State of the art Infrastructure State of the art Infrastructure

    You have the option to choose between on-premises set-up and cloud-based set-up. We leverage a cloud-based infrastructure, hosted by third-party, have excellent internet connectivity to support seamless document uploads, use APIs for integration with in-house applications and salesforce.