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Solutions to Help Harness the Power of Data & Analytics

The journey to build an analytics-driven organization requires the right mix of modern forms of analytics, skills and data integration while increasing competitive differentiation. Quadratyx Consulting uses its analytics and technology expertise to guide your business while developing a Big Data Analytics strategy uniquely suited to your present and future goals.

Our consulting team partners with you to provide an effective roadmap by conducting audits to disseminate current roadblocks and provide value in various areas such as:

  • New, modern forms of analytics
  • Data integration and optimization
  • Leveraging Organizational Memory
  • Garner insights from unknown data or from data with an under-appreciated value
  • Tracking and tracing data lineage for better data quality
  • Setting up enterprise-wide data access controls

We have a track record of success with clients across the globe in numerous industries like Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and more.

For our Analytics consulting services, we initiate with

1. A systematic analysis of business, data, and analytics at your enterprise.


  • Customers
  • Decisions
  • Data
  • Analytics

2. A clear roadmap for big data analytics and data science solutions roll-out (based on step 1).

Road Map

  • Use Cases
  • Infrastructure
  • Team

A typical enterprise big data and data science journey for a financial enterprise involves the following stages:


Design and build a scalable (big) data infrastructure.

Identify and implement demonstrator use cases.


Create structured plus unstructured data repositories.

Add internal and external data sources (e.g., competitor’s websites, social profiles, etc.).


Empower internal teams with data science skill sets.

Enable advanced analytics on the pooled data.


Extend AI & Machine Learning use cases.

New opportunities for customer delight, customer acquisition, etc.


Evolve as the forerunning player in the intelligent decision-making space.

We have consulted and charted roadmaps for several large organizations across the globe.

Use Case1
  • This large Indian banking group is swamped with an avalanche of data coming from varied data sources. To ensure the bank meets all privacy, compliance, regulatory requirements and at the same time enhance the experience of its customers it is paramount for the bank to manage and leverage all its data.
  • The banking group was looking for: A unified, central data storage and processing infrastructure that can serve to be the one-point and up-to-date source for all existing and upcoming Analytics and Business Intelligence (MIS plus Reporting) requirements.
  • Once fully implemented, the bank will have one of the largest, most powerful, and cost-effective Big Data Lakes in the global banking world.
  • The banking group invited our team to do a detailed analysis and prepare a prescriptive roadmap to leverage Big Data over the next three years.
  • Quadratyx prepared a detailed report for Big Data implementation, in defining bank-specific metrics for big data effectiveness, in objectively evaluating vendor RFP responses and in helping banks identify the right big data implementation partners where necessary.
Use Case2
  • The bank has close to 70TB of structured data in-house for operational reporting and had no support for unstructured data.
  • Analytics teams throughout the organization have been using the traditional Operational Data Store on proprietary storage boxes. With 70TB of data, the system has gotten slow and highly expensive.
  • The bank sponsored a project for establishing an advanced analytics workbench with the integration of unstructured and streaming data.
  • Quadratyx architected a completely open source analytics work bench on a Hadoop commodity cluster, with zero compromises in performance, data security and governance. Technology transformation projects for better reporting and insights are underway.