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Big Data is a necessary foundation for upcoming technological revolutions such as AI-based Robotic Process Automation, Adaptive Machine Learning Systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

We help you leverage your data and harness the power of data science tools and technologies to accelerate your businesses transformation into a modern, insights-driven organization.

About our Big Data Lakes Solutions and Consulting Services


Big Data Lake is an ideal solution for companies looking to economically harness and decipher ever-burgeoning data volumes of diverse formats into meaningful insights. With the increase in new data sources such as mobile phones, websites, and other connected devices, there is a growing requirement to move behind the conventional data warehouses and improve big data consolidation with the help of big data lakes. Our big data lake and consulting services can offer you exceptional value in various areas such as:

  • New, modern forms of analytics
  • Data integration and optimization
  • Corporate memory retention
  • Garner insights from unknown data or from data with an under-appreciated value
  • Tracking and tracing data lineage for better data quality
  • Setting up enterprise-wide data access controls

Broadly we have three offerings under the Big Data Lakes and Consulting Services:

Solution Consulting
  • Big Data Lakes Architecture
  • Data Ingestion design criteria for multiple sources
  • Data Governance and consumption solutions
  • Downstream analytics use case solution approach
Corporate Training
  • Basic Level – onboarding Big Data Engineers and Data Scientists
  • Intermediate Level – Tool specific training and solution design
  • Advanced Level – Solution architecting and development using Big Data Platform and ML tools
Technology Consulting
  • Data Ingestion technologies such as Kafka, NiFi and Streaming data ingestion tools such as Flume, Spark Streaming, etc.
  • NoSQL Database design and management – Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, Neo4J
  • Warehouse Data management tools such as Hive
  • Workflow Management tools, for example Oozie and Luigi
  • Query Layer tools such as Pig, HiveQL, Phoenix, Spark SQL, Presto, etc.
  • Security and Governance layer tools including Sentry, Ranger, Atlas
  • Software Programming tools such as Spark, Map Reduce, etc.
  • ML tools such as Python MLlib, Mahoot, R
  • Federation Tools, for example Apache Drill
  • Enterprise Search tools including Solr

Our offerings include the following services:

Our subject matter experts can help you set up an effective big data strategy by helping you discover and identify relevant data, and then assess and classify the same based on the data structure.

Flooding a Hadoop cluster with unorganized and unmanaged data can severely hamper your big data analytics efforts. We can help you design, implement, and provide able support so that you can get the most out of the big data implementation strategy.

We are adept at dealing with data lakes, ingestion pipelines, cloud platforms, and data integration for structured and unstructured data. We ensure that our data engineering methods reduce your operational costs, discover new information and revenue sources, and speed up new product development.

As part of our big data lakes services, we can help you during the modeling, materialization, and preparation of various analytical and BI tools, conduct OLAP analytics, and facilitate discovery and exploratory analytics within requisite data labs.

Our managed services for big data ensure active 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your distributed storage framework/platform in both local and cloud environments. We also provide optional onsite support and dedicated project managers.

With our expertly created training modules, we can help your employees exploit the full business value of your data. We provide both certification training and skill-based training tailored to your requirements.

Big data is still in its infancy, and you need the right partner with the requisite experience and skilled enablers to help you understand the scope of your big data initiative. Our partner services can help you quickly get going while ensuring that all your requirements are met with a team of individuals dedicated to your cause.

Our team of eminent data scientists and big data engineers have decades of experience in delivering solutions in deep analytics and machine learning and can help you set up big data competencies in-line with your business and your goals.

Our Big Data Lakes Process

For our Big Data Lake and Analytics consulting services, we initiate with a two-pronged approach that includes -

A systematic analysis of business, data, and analytics at your enterprise, which will then lead to the formulation of the overall implementation strategy. This step will involve:
  • Customers
  • Decisions
  • Data
  • Analytics
This is then followed by a clear roadmap for Data Science solutions roll-out, and focuses on
  • Use Cases
  • Infrastructure
  • Team

A typical Data Science journey for an enterprise involves the following stages:

We start with designing and building a scalable (big) data infrastructure
  • We create structured plus unstructured data repositories
  • We add internal data sources (e.g., from different departments) and external data sources as well such as competitor’s websites, 3rd party data, social media profiles, etc.
Thereafter, we help in identifying and implementing demonstrator use cases
  • We empower your internal teams with requisite data science skill sets
  • We perform advanced analytics on the pooled data
Designing further AI & Machine Learning use cases
  • We help you in generating new opportunities for customer satisfaction, limiting attrition of existing customers, acquiring new customers, and growing the share of wallet for existing customers
  • In time, we can help you evolve as a forerunning player in the market when it comes to data-centric intelligent decision making


Our services are ideal for clients from a variety of different verticals, and our expertise in this field ensures that your data always remains actionable and trustworthy. Our portfolio of services can easily be customized as per your needs, but offer similar benefits including:

  • Competitive pricing on different services and consulting.
  • A team consisting of industry experts in the field with comprehensive knowledge of big data technology so as to ensure quick turnaround of strategy and solutions.
  • Path-breaking technology and a bouquet of services which ensure all your requirements are met in-house and from a single service provider.
  • Company of experts who have trained teams in top-tier organizations across verticals including CXOs; Senior Management and department heads.

At Quadratyx, we have years of experience in delivering outcome-led data science solutions for our global clients by leveraging state-of-art hardware and technologies in the Big data and Hadoop ecosystem. We help you identify and prioritize high-value use cases while optimizing your current strategies to fit any requirement.