QPOD: The future of chatbots

Insights for Business Leaders

Digital Assistants/Chat-bots

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As we see more and more users engaging on digital channels, digital assistants/chat-bots are a necessity for handling customer queries on web apps, mobile apps, social networks etc.

What is a chat-bot?

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    A chat-bot is a combination of a messaging app and Artificial Intelligence
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    It talks to users and answers their queries, it’s like an automated live chat.
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    It helps companies provide 24/7 assistance to their customers

Advantages Offered by Chatbots


The Reason for popularity of chat-bots

  1. An estimated 5 billion+ people use messaging apps
  2. Users get the feel of human interaction
  3. Millennials prefer chat to phone calls
  4. Assistance from a chatbot in mobile apps provide a streamlined experience
  5. They are transient and users don’t have to download them or create accounts

How will the chatbot know how to respond?

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    A chatbot is powered by AI, and is trained to understand language nuances to provide an appropriate response.
  2. chatbot_robo
    It becomes smarter over time through machine learning and gains sufficient AI to respond more efficiently
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    Queries can be screened and the more complicated ones can be handed off to human agents

What Users Feel?

Top Industries that Benefit from AI-based chat-bots


Important Chatbot Stats

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    Nearly 80% of all businesses likely to have chatbots by 2020
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    77% bots provide better navigation through layouts
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    currently 16% of bots can be designed to understand user emotions
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    80% of bots are successful in retaining user attention
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    64% bots are intelligent enough to identify user mistakes