Unstructured Data Analytics

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You must have heard before that data is growing exponentially and it is no longer a hidden fact. By 2020 the world would have seen an unprecedented 4300 percent increase in annual data generation.

To put things in perspective, currently 2.5 exabytes of data are created per day, and that number is doubling every 40 months.

As high as 95 percent of customer feedback data today, is unstructured and it has a significant potential to improve your efforts in delivering value to your customers and establishing brand loyalty.

What are the forces behind the explosive growth of the digital universe?

Technology has played a key role in pushing down the cost of creating, managing, and storing data down to one-sixth of what it was decade back. The inflow of financial investments have helped too. Investments into digital technologies have increased 50% to $4 trillion. That's the amount of investment done on hardware, software, services, and staff.

Out of all the data that is generated today, more than 80 percent is ‘unstructured’. Unstructured data exists in many forms: it could be in the form of text such as emails, blogs, comments, reviews, feedback surveys, press mentions, tweets and other posts in social media or in the form of audio, photos and video content. Analyzing all this data provides valuable advantage to businesses.

As high as 95 percent of customer feedback data today, is unstructured and it has a significant potential to improve your efforts in delivering value to your customers and establishing brand loyalty.

Our data scientists have pioneered in unstructured data analytics solutions for wide variety of clients around the globe.

Unstructured Data Analytics Services We Offer

Our passionate team of data scientists, big data engineers, software developers and business analysts go beyond the conventional wisdom and focus on ‘out-of-box’ thinking approaches.

For organizations seeking to transform unstructured data into actionable business intelligence, our big data solutions will enable you to streamline your unstructured data, unlock data value and deliver insights in real-time.

We offer the following services in Unstructured Data Analytics space

Understanding your customer’s perspective is necessary for any successful customer engagement program. Text analytics provides an in-depth look at what your customers say about your product or the brand, in their own words. With the help of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) ability, we provide solutions that let you uncover patterns and themes, so you know what customers are thinking about and extract valuable information from data that isn’t easily quantified in any other way. Through Parts of Speech (POS) tagging and entity extraction techniques, we uncover the “who”, “where”, and “when” behind any conversation and provide valuable insights about “how” people are feeling and the “why”.

Our touch point email analytics solutions leverage the power of Machine Learning algorithms and NLP to provide automatic tagging & routing of customer feedback to the right support channel for quick resolution. AI-powered auto-tagging feature enables customer support teams to focus their maximum attention on the most recurring type of issue faced by the customers.

The determination of sentiment (positive, negative or neutral) is another step in the process of converting unstructured content to structured content so that the business users who interact with this vast amount of customer feedback and reviews across multiple channels can spot trends and patterns within the content.

Looking at the sentiment behind customer feedback enables you to ensure you drive the right long-term strategy and front-line employee training.

Large-scale speech recognition and analysis can literally transform the way that companies do business. Once customer interactions are turned into data, the enterprise will gain unparalleled insight from its target markets. Through our AI-powered speech analytics solutions that looks deep into enterprise voice call collections, to automatically tag content and sentiment, provide firms with an opportunity to engage effectively with customers and to put cross-sell and up-sell strategies in place in their organization.

By incorporating deep contextual awareness, emotion, and situational discovery, our AI-based voice processing solutions, understand the spoken word of many dialects to uncover customer’s emotions, feelings and sentiment.

Most companies rely on multiple systems and third-party service providers to gather feedback and sentiment data. When these systems are not well-integrated, employees are forced to get the information they require from each system separately and then painstakingly piece together an accurate and comprehensive understanding of client needs and behavior. Our integration analytics solutions provide a single platform to capture customer feedback through multiple channels (e.g., phone, social media, web, mobile, and email) and devices (in-store, laptop, and smartphone). Our solution is also integrated to provide analytics-based reporting to show performance trends, identify agents that need additional training, etc.

Software we leverage

Quadratyx has two major offerings under unstructured data analytics: Touch Point Analytics-Mail (TPA-Mail), a descriptive and predictive analytics tool that looks deep into enterprise email collections, to automatically tag content and sentiment & Touch Point Analytics-Voice (TPA-Voice), which combine both real-time speech analytics and post call analytics, in order to categorize and analyse voice communications.

Having successfully served numerous global clients, we understand that unstructured data analytics requirements vary from one client to another. So, we use some of the most advanced and the latest tools to deliver unparalleled results to all our clients. These include