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Data science is the oxygen for businesses of the future. Data science training at Quadratyx empowers corporates to leverage the true potential of Analytics and Machine Learning to strengthen their businesses. Get trained in Data Science and make your business future ready!

Our Data Science Training Services

Our training courses focus on helping clients understand the core concepts of data science and statistical learning into their relevant industries. We have separate and customized training for CXOs, Mid-Level executives and Analysts. Our intense classroom training is complemented by e-learning modules that help the audience learn complex topics at their own pace.

At Quadratyx, we believe that our courses will help you make critical decisions by developing your skillset, automating your data processing workflows, and helping implement data-driven insights throughout your command chain. Till date, our courses have had a positive impact on more than 5000 professional hailing from 50+ different leading firms belonging to 8 different industry sectors.

Our data science training services consist of the following categories each of which is designed to be intellectually stimulating and provide you with essential data science and statistical computing skills



Senior Leadership

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Middle Level

Senior Managers, Managers

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Data Scientists/Data Engineers/Analysts

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    Digital Data Science
    Learning Academy
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    Combined offering -
    Online and Classroom
  • Classroom Training

    Our data science training for corporates is tailored to address the specific requirements of three main types of stakeholders; namely CXOs, Middle-level management, and technologists. Our courses are curated especially for each of these stakeholder groups, thereby ensuring a tailored training program which fits within their requirements. The mentorship provided by our group of trainers can help you effectively manage the disruption in technology being caused by several outliers.

    We build capabilities for enhanced performance. Our training sessions involve intensive hands-on training to solve real-world business problems in diverse scenarios including live use cases, hands-on practice followed by online / phone support post training. We are quick to adopt the fast-changing analytics landscape. We ensure our course and the modules within are continually tailored to meet your requirements, while incorporating new technologies before they become mainstream.

    Our data scientists, with their deep big data analytics expertise, will empower you to take business decisions and to derive valuable insights from your big data. Our programs have a direct & a measurable impact on your key performance indicators and ensure better returns as compared to traditional methods.

  • Digital Data Science Learning Academy

    The primary mode of implementing data science solutions is with our flagship digital data science learning academy. The "Open" curriculum is designed to cater to your exact vertical-specific needs. With our digital learning academy, you stand to explore and master the concepts of data visualization, descriptive analytics techniques, data exploration, and predictive analytics among others.

    Several modules of quality content are offered based on 3 important levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, which in turn is ably supported by a strong team of offline mentors. Once the course is complete, we award you with a certificate consisting of the total credits achieved and personalized statistics revolving around course completion, test scores etc. Using our methods, you can learn the latest technologies, varying from machine learning to Spark, Hadoop (Hive, Pig, and HBase), Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Multinomial Logistic Regression, Random Forests, Data Visualization, etc.

    If you have a whole team of employees taking part in the course, then we can easily integrate their activity with Human Resource Management tools and with mobile technology as well. Our engaging and interactive e-Learning courses are replete with content created to go through summative and formative evaluations

  • Combined offering - Online and Classroom

    What sets us apart from most other training courses is our ability to deliver a variety of statistical programming and data analytics training to clients both online and offline with the same ease and professionalism. Our digital learning academy provides a wealth of use cases, case-studies, and hands-on practice for your employees and managers, while ensuring the content is customized to match their domain-specific requirements. If you have a specific dataset in mind, then we can customize the training program around it too so as to ensure the executive level training on data science solutions remains relevant and relatable.

    Our course content is a healthy mix of applied data science and academic concepts prepared by industry professionals in the field of data science. Our training modules can help participants prepare for global-level certification examinations. So if you or your employees are looking to take global certification examinations from Cloudera and Hortonworks, then our course structure is ideal for the purpose.

    For all training modules, we can offer them either through our online academy or through robust and highly secure cloud-based infrastructure which is hosted by third-party and administered by us. We can also help in on-premise deployment by suitably integrating our modules within your learning portal.

Our Course Diversity and Technical Expertise

Whether you are looking to gain important skills needed to effectively participate in big data and other related analytics projects, or you want to learn advanced methods in data science, our courses are ideal for you.

Some of the more popular courses we conduct include:

  • Introductory courses for Big Data and Hadoop
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals and Google cloud platform
  • AI - Introductory and advanced courses
  • R Programming
  • Hadoop Administrator Training
  • Data Science Data Science with Python Training

Our expertise includes:

  • Apache Hadoop
  • MapReduce
  • NoSQL databases
  • Pig & Hive
  • Apache Spark
  • Kafka
  • Programming languages
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Nets
  • Text Mining
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Support Vector Machine

Required skills by Enterprise Roles

Please click on the enterprise roles below:

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • System Engineer
  • Data Architect
Data Scientist Data Scientist Data Scientist Data Scientist

What Skills Can You Learn from our Data Science Training for Corporates?

If you are looking for a data science training which is effective and based on real-world scenarios, provides a modern learning experience, increases engagement and directly ties into your bottom-line results, then you are at the right place. Some of the many skills you can hope to learn or brush up include

  • Gain the ability to classify between supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Perform learning techniques such as linear and logistic regression analysis
  • Gain the ability to create robust machine learning models
  • Identify, quantify, and apply machine learning algorithms in real-world scenarios
  • Implement regression models
  • Understand different data models and how to classify them
  • Identify which machine learning model will suit a particular problem's requirements
  • Make accurate analysis and powerful predictions
  • Gain knowledge about how to employ deep learning, recommendation systems, and clustering


Competitive Edge for Corporates

Strong Credentials

  • Decades of experience in big data and machine learning.
  • Team of eminent data scientists, architects and engineers.
  • Developed solutions for structured and unstructured data.
  • A partner assisting INSOFE with their training program’s design and delivery.
  • Delivered learning programs across verticals.
  • QLabs - research wing of Quadratyx.
  • 9 patents filed and awarded.
  • Additional 15 patents applications filed.
  • International publications
  • Proven collaboration model with tier 1 organizations.
  • Continuous process improvement that is adaptive and agile.

Why Choose Quadratyx for Data Science Training?

  • Gain practical knowledge based on modern, real-world simulations which work much better than MOOCs or simple university courses
  • Turbocharge your present capabilities and understand the latest data tools and how to leverage them
  • Benefit from an outcomes-oriented approach which features hands-on exercises and not just mind-numbing video consumption tutorials
  • Benefit from any-time access with secure cloud-based access and instructors who can be deployed anywhere as per your custom requirements
  • Develop big date leadership skills and disseminate useful information to your peers and team members
  • Customizable content and training modules comprising of the latest industry-focused content
  • Regular assessment via simple and intuitive quizzes to understand user level and knowledge retention
  • Simple, easy-to-understand, training modules which are grounded in reality and do away with the myths and empty talk surrounding a topic

There are no shortcuts if you want to leverage data and machine learning to strengthen your core concepts and succeed in business. Our instructors are renowned throughout the industry as experienced campaigners and equip you with the right skills, so you can ask the right questions, manipulate the correct data sets, and create easy-to-understand visualizations to communicate better. With us, you can